Profile Yuki
Age: 240
Height: 170cm
Class: Ice Wizard
Now released in KLunia, GLunia, and JLunia.


Background StoryEdit

Yuki was very quiet and hated the fighting going around her. She became very close with the ice rocks and started to learn how to fight herself. She mastered her fusion of fighting with ice and became the Ice Magician. Typically being labeled as a "Special Character", Yuki currently has no background story.

Official info:
"Yuki is a delicate, mysterious girl from Ice Lady Village. Native to the small village surrounded by Nature, she loves ice fairies, but has a fear of new things; she keeps herself distanced from other tribes. Although she hates using force and making troubles, she never hesitates to wield powerful ice magic spells against intruders of Ice Lady Village, and fulfills her duty as a high mage and protector of the village. (Rumor has it that her dance is alluring and yet so fatal that no monster can survive until the end of the dance.)"

Class TypeEdit

Class: Ice Wizard
Main Weapon: Ice Fairy

Class Summary: Edit

Specialized in: Damage-dealing, crowd control, and diversity of spells.

Pros of Yuki:

  • Long Range Attacks
  • Homing Attacks and AoE Spells(Area of Effects)
  • Long Chainable Combos
  • Moderately powerful skills (Even at low levels)
  • Effects on certain skills (Freezing, Decrease Speed)
  • Recover MP without MP potions

Cons of Yuki:

  • Highly MP Consuming
  • Lower Health than normal relative to other classes
  • Minimal Melee Combat Damage


All of Yuki's skills are somewhat similar to Dainn's skills. Some of her skills act just like Dainn's skills (for example, Yuki's Ice Arrow skill works just like Dainn's Fire Arrow/Ice Arrow skill). Many of her skills are useful for combos, and can deal massive damage when used on mobs. To see some images of Yuki's skills and their descriptions, go here: Yuki Skills


  • To unlock Yuki you need to buy her from the cash shop for 89G Coins
  • Alternately you can get her from Lynette's quest, but you will need 700G and a Bapho's Eye (one of the rarest items in Lunia).


Combos skills (unofficial)Edit

  • A-S-A-A-A-A-dash AS-
  • A-A-A-A-S-Icicle Shot
  • A-A-A-A-S-Hands-Icicle
  • Pillars-Rain-Hands-Icicle
  • A-A-A-A-S-Pillars-Rain-Ice Dragon-Hands-Icicle
  • Teleport (to enemy) - Ice Dragon- Ice Pillars- Icicle rain- small fists- (If Rebirth- Big Fists)
  • Ice Giant's Fist (next to enemy)-dash AS-
  • A-A-A-A-Pillars-Icicle Rain-Ice Dragon-True Ice Dragon-Ice Fist-True Ice Fist(optional to use both fists at once better use the small one first wait till the person hits the ground then use true ice fist)

Combos without skills (official)Edit


Combos from Practice Field (official)Edit

Combos Training Ice Magician

"Official" combos. It's actually possible to chain different sequences together to form combos not on this list.

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