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Whirlpool Sword is a skill available to players of the knight class.


Game Description: Charge at the opponent with a rapidly whirling sword to deliver a blow.

Actual Description: Sieg charges up for an attack in the same manner as Cross Cut. Instead of deliver 2 blows, however, Sieg hits multiple times depending on the proximity to the target.

Colloquial names: Whirlpool Sword

Number of hits: 1-5 (?)


  • Skill charges at opponent, delivering blows
  • Short range attack, must be used from close range

General informationEdit

This is a useful skill for both staging and PvP.

Stage usageEdit

This skill is fair for staging. It's about the same caliber as Whirling Sword, except if you're hit by an opponent, your skill will be cancelled. It does deal decent damage, though, due to the multiple hits. It's also a great connecting move if you need to continue a combo.

PvP usageEdit

This is a near must-have skill for PvP. Not because of the strength, but this can bolster any combo. One particularly good combination is to lead into this with an S strike, Whirlpool Sword, CrossCut, and finish with WindKick. Anything can precede the S strike. An excellent connecting move.

Player opinionEdit

This is definitely a must-have skill for all knights. There are better skills to put your points in, of course, but definitely 1 point just so you can combo with it.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Icon skill Sieg blow CycloneAtk Whirlpool Sword 1.2 Sec 0.43 Sec 25 Sec 23
Charge at the opponent with a rapidly whirling sword to deliver a blow.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 27 37~42 87
2 32 44~49 102
3 37 51~57 118
4 42 58~65 134
5 47 65~73 149
6 52 72~81 165
7 57 79~88 180
8 62 87~97 195
9 67 114~127 212
10 72 124~138 230

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