It is advisable to have flash player 9 or higher installed in order to view these videos properly. If you please, you can also log into Youtube and set to view high quality settings if avaliable. If you wish to add additional videos, feel free to do so with the guide.


Stage 1-1Edit

Stage 1-2Edit

Stage 1-3Edit

Stage 1-4Edit

Stage 1-5Edit

Stage 1-6Edit

Stage 1-7Edit

Stage 1-8Edit

Stage 1-9Edit


Stage 2-1Edit

Stage 2-2Edit

Stage 2-3Edit

Stage 2-4Edit

Stage 2-5Edit

Stage 2-6Edit

Stage 2-7Edit

Stage 2-8Edit

Stage 2-9Edit


Stage 3-1Edit

Stage 3-2Edit

Stage 3-3Edit

Stage 3-4Edit

Stage 3-5Edit

Stage 3-6Edit

Stage 3-7Edit

Stage 3-8Edit

Stage 3-9Edit


Peak of IcecapEdit



- Windmill, When a Sieg attacks and sidesteps to his right a split second after, can be continuous. Dash a space dash a space etc. Videos (Cont) A continuation page is made to prevent long pages, and the downtime required to edit or load this page.

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