Stage-Select Name: Legend of Tumgalad -> Tumgalad Entrance -> Tumgalad Forest -> The Heart of Tumgalad
Map Legend of Tumgalad (Ep1L)

1. Tumgalad Entrance
2. Tumgalad Forest
3. The Heart of Tumgalad

Stage Name #1: Tumgalad Entrance
Stage Name #2: Tumgalad Forest
Stage Name #3: Tumgalad Entrance


Img Baphomet
Type: Boss
Speed: Middle
Attacks: Misc.
  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Stage Requirement:
  • Max Players: 8 Players
  • Party Requirement: Lime recommended
  • Talk To Selphi in the square to start the stage. (Need Baph. Key To Enter Stage) =See Guide=
  • Time to Complete: ? min
  • Plot Summary:


  • Level 56 And Unlocked Stage 1-6L (Legend)
  • Talk to Selphi in square
  • Head to Stage 1-6L (Legend). Speak to Fairy Naniel to unlock Shadow Valley
  • Head to Shadow Valley. Complete the Stage.
  • Head to Sealed Forest. Talk to Yuria.Then Obtain a quest to Unlock Tumglad Raid.

How to obtain keyEdit





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