• 1. Update Skill Tables, Split up skills into skill names with === and Fix Broken Icons

Ex : Knight_Skills

  • 2. Update FAQ, Guild System, Guides with new data
  • 3. Update Episode 1-6 Monsters, Mobs etc, Myth, Dark Continent
  • 4. Update all quests Square, History, Legend, Bonus, Myth
  • 5. Add to Guides, Add the new characters
  • 6. Make Videos, Link Videos with Youtube Content
  • 7. Upload images to broken images
  • 8. Update Skills Content
  • 9. Get more editors
  • Click play than click on the icon at bottom corner and click on HD for watching youtube videos in High Def


thumb|480px|left|Updating Skill Tables thumb|480px|left|How to Replace Broken Icons Uploading Images thumb|480px|left|Side Skill Templates thumb|480px|left|Functions of Buttons When Editing

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