Profile Tia
Age: 19
Height: 175cm
Class: Thief
One of the four playable characters at the beginning of the game.
Nothing is needed to unlock her(except in Brazilian Lunia).


Background StoryEdit

Official info:
"Tia is a Half-Elf who has a Human nobleman as father and an Elf as mother. She is on a journey, following the trace of her missing father who was a royal court official and disappeared into thin air. Practically raised herself, she appears to be very tough and independent, but in fact, is tenderhearted. She became a Thief to find the keepsake of her father. She's deadly and agile, but not too powerful defensively; to compensate this weakness, she has mastered skills such as creating mirror images and hiding from their detection. Her most skills are capable of finishing enemies with a single hit."

Class TypeEdit

As a thief, Tia is suitable for players with excellent reflexes and expert timing. Her skills allow her to leap around the battlefield, make pinpoint assaults and then escaping virtually unscathed. Tia's combos can get quite long as well, so having fighting experience is recommended. Tia is a primary damage dealer in Lunia. She can not only attack very fast and string combos easily but she also has an ability that allows her to poison her enemies. Tia's poison works on both monsters and bosses and slowly drains their HP.

Main Weapon: Dagger

Class Summary Edit

Specialized in: One-to-one assaults, stealth avoidance, massive damage-dualist, stunning, poisoning

Pro of Tia:

  • Stealthy class with excellent speed
  • Faster Melee Combat Reaction Time
  • Deals critical attacks and can poison
  • Can deal sufficient damage in combos

Con of Tia:

  • Limited defenses
  • Higher player skill requirement

Unlocking (In Brazilian Lunia)Edit

Go to the Locksmith and talk to him. He will then unlock Tia for: 300g


For a listing of Tia's skills, refer to Thief Skills.

Tia's skills are classified into 5 groups: Forest, Wind, Darkness, Bless, and Ability. Forest-Type skills are mainly used to combo, knockdown, and toss. Wind-type skills are mainly one-use range attacks. Darkness-type skills are used to render the opponent useless or surprise them. Bless-typed skills are Tia's buff and supportive skills. Last, but not least, Ability-type skills are passive abilities.

Skill Points GrowthEdit

Tia gains 1 skill point per level; however, beginning when you reach level 4 and every 4 levels thereafter, she will receive 2 skill points.

        Level 3 -> Level 4 = 2 skill points.  
        Level 4 -> Level 5 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 5 -> Level 6 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 6 -> Level 7 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 7 -> Level 8 = 2 skill points.

In other words:

Level X0 (+4) -> Level Y0 (+4) = 2 skill points where X0 = 3 and Y0 = 4.

Skill BuildsEdit

PvP BuildEdit

PvE BuildEdit

Balanced BuildEdit


Combos without skills (official)Edit

thumb|250px|right|Tia Combos Thief combos without skills

Combos with skills (official)Edit

Thief combos with skills

Combos from Practice Field (official)Edit

Combos Training Thief

It is also possible to chain different sequences together to form optional combos at your discretion. Air combos provide which in turn dishes out more damage.

See alsoEdit

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Tips & Guides Edit

  • Dash A space results in rolling diagonally forward down if facing > but roll diagonally up if facing <. 1
  • Note: a trick to know which way to dash is just to dash towards you opponent. 1
  • By doing this, you can easily get an opening to combo somebody. Also if you press an arrow key three times really fast instead of two times to dash, tia will jump up into the air as your dash. 1
  • Monsters & Bosses: Knowing Tia is mainly based for combos and normal attacks, try to limit your use of special hits. You will do more damage and will be able to get in more kills more easily. Remember to use backstab when fighting bosses, as it will deliver damage up to 3x critical of your normal attack power.

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