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Thunder Sound is a skill available to players of the knight class.


Game Description: Shoot a powerful Thunder Bolt to the enemy to deliver splash damage to the enemies nearby and slow down the enemies far away.

Actual Description: Sieg stabs the ground with his sword, and a thunder wave is released through the ground that knocks over liftable enemies. The skill can damage enemies (0 damage is possible) caught within the wave, and all enemies caught will suffer reduced speed.

Colloquial names: TS

Number of hits: 1 per target


  • Skill is Area of Effect(AoE) with Sieg as the center
  • Affected area is large
  • All liftable targets are knocked down
  • All targets are inflicted with slow status

General informationEdit

This is a versatile skill that can be used for staging and PvP. See below.

Stage usageEdit

This can be a useful skill for staging. While it's not effective against bosses, it's very useful for when you're completely surrounded by a horde of enemies. Knocking them all down and inflicting slow status makes for a great way to turn the tide in your favor. This is definitely not a skill used for damaging the enemy, however, so there's really no need to max it. Putting 8 points will give you the maximum slow effect. Putting more points will up the average damage, but since 0 is always a possibility, it's not recommended.

PvP usageEdit

As a PvP skill, Thunder Sound isn't particularly great, but it can be useful. It can finish off an opponent who has 0 HP, and since the range is large, it works well for runners. The real bonus, however, is the slow effect that it will cast on others. If you only put 1 point in to this, though, don't bother, because Provoke can do the same thing if not a little better. 8 points, though, will yield a 50% reduction in speed that lasts longer than Provoke's effect.

Player opinionEdit

I think this is definitely a skill to have at least 1 point in. If for no other reason than because it looks cool. 8 is definitely the maximum amount of points you should have in this skill, though. Anything more is a waste.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Icon skill Sieg blow DragonSword2 Thunder Sound 2.5 Sec 0.9 Sec 35 Sec 40
Shoot a powerful Thunder Bolt to the enemy to deliver splash damage to the enemies nearby and slow down the enemies far away.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 19 0~73 29
2 25 0~97 39
3 31 0~121 48
4 37 0~143 57
5 43 0~167 67
6 49 0~190 76
7 55 0~214 85
8 61 0~239 96
9 67 0~318 212
10 73 0~352 235

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