Mini Price Guide (Unofficial) Edit

  • Disclaimer: As of June 5 2009
  • Due to the addition of the Market System, this page is no longer required.
  • Square 1, 2 & 3

 Big Star Event   Quantity   Price 
Risk-free catalyst 1 280-400g
Korean clothes box 1 6~10G
Star's gift box 1 9~15G
Star's box 1 10G
Big Star Key box 1 90G
Star's life box 1 20G
Random pet item box 1 35~40G
Big Gold Star 1 1G`
 Fortification   Quantity   Price 
Stack of Fortification Stones 250 7-10G
Stack of Catalysts 250 4-7G
Dimly Shining Jewel 1 1G ~
Shining Jewel 1 2G ~
Brightly Shining Jewel 1 3G ~
Cold Shining Jewel 10 38G ~
Shining Powder 1 2G
 Reagents for skills   Quantity   Price 
Regeants (Any) 250 4~6G ~
 Alchemy (ingredients for Craft Books  Quantity   Price 
 Rare Crystals (Sapphire, Black Diamond, etc.)  1 1G
 Fish   Quantity   Price 
Brown Carp 250 3-5G
Green Carp 250 6-9G
Blue Carp 120 10+G
Red Carp 50 30+G
5-colored Carp 20 80~100G
Gold Carp 8 160~200G
 Others   Quantity   Price 
Damaged glimering ring,earings,necklace 1 45~50G
Shimering ring,earing,necklace restoration I 1 100G
Shimering ring,earing,necklace restoration II 1 500+G
Shimering ring,earing,necklace restoration III 1 1000~2000G

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