Map 6-10

Stage 6-10

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  • Difficulty: 9/10
  • Party Requirement: 1-4 with at least one eir for secret boss.
  • Time to Complete: 12~25 min
  • Plot Summary: Stage 6-10 is a very difficult stage. Rigel (or Regal) is the boss and features some of the most powerful attacks.

If you beat the stage in approximately 12 minutes you will unlock a secret boss: Soldin. He can only be unlocked however, if you have an eir in you're party and she's alive. If you beat Soldin you will be able to get about 1kk extra exp. Soldin is fairly easy to beat, and no tactics are required to beat him.


The main two attacks to watch out for from Rigel are his orb of light and his dragon technique.

When he moves his arm across him in a horizontal manner move out of range as quickly as possible because this basically a 1 hit KO move.

His other annoying attack is his orb of light. Try to stay to the side of the ball then let it pass you and keep attacking regal. The ball itself just rolls around the stage and does damage but, does not knock you out. However be careful when the ball stops moving because then it has knockback effect. Limes are especally warned to get out of the way of the ball when they are transformed. Also the other strategy is that when he is expanding his orb, just move to the opposite side of the orb near rigel. It has to make a big circumference so while it's moving towards you, you can earn some time and hopefully it'll stop after couple of seconds. if it is still in motion, then just move around rigel or move away from it it shouldnt be that hard and rigel does not attack very much during the orb's present

When regal releases his staff you will be knocked down for a bit. The best idea to get rid of it is using Sieg's Destruction Fist, Lime's Rolling Rolling Thud, and Dacy using AAS or rb sheets

When Rigel moves both of his arms outwards,and when there are about 8 yellow laser things,run to the spot where Rigel stood.

When you see a purple beam behind rigel,just run around and hope you won't be hit.


Rigel (Regal)


Lv 90 monsters


Episode Items (Stage 6-6 (Legend) ~ Stage 6-10 (Legend)):

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