Stage 5-10: The Identity of the Shadow

Stage-Select Name: Le Palais Lunia
Map Name: The Identity of the Shadow


  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Party Requirement: 1-4
  • Time to Complete: 5-20 Minutes
  • Plot Summary: Eir's Sister has Been brainwashed and the conclusion of the magician behind the Mind Control Unfolds.


An Eir makes this stage easier for most, but when you have a group of people who know the stage, a full damage group makes it move faster. Although many people think a Dacy is needed, they're not, and shouldn't be depended on. (Learn the game without glitching every stage)

Bust Down the gate into the first room to fight some Knights and/or elves to start the stage. Move and clear the next room before moving to the west hand room.

There are 4 "Mini-boss" rooms that should be clear, and are located in each corner, before you can move to kill Cini-kun. These are from previous stages (two wagons, Werelion and Magican) whome do not counter and are most often just meleed to death without difficulty. Once all done, move to the middle to fight one of the most chaotic scenes since the Illusion wolf spawns. Daines typically drop a wall on the big guy when he says "Confront me and You'll Die", while Dacys drop the balls and Yuki's use their special boom. After that point, it's Killing as many enemies as quickly as possible while avoiding being pinned by Cini. Elves, mages, both low and high ranking knights show their faces as well as some archers, so grouping them with push back skills and aoe often finish this fight quickly.

After all that, one more room to the north is reward with a secret on the top right. Dacys can glitch using it, but setting that aside, it's a good place to recover if doing the stage without an Eir before fighting Lir in the next room.


Img Lir
Type: Boss
Speed:  ?
Attacks: Misc.

Lir is a powerful magician and acts like a super-powered up version of Eir. It makes sense, since she's also Eir's older sister.


Lv 80 monsters


Episode Items (Stage 5-1 (Legend) ~ Stage 5-10 (Legend)):

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