Stage 4-9: Maze of Abyss

Stage-Select Name: Maze of Abyss
Map Name: Maze of Abyss


  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Party Requirement: 1-4
  • Time to Complete: 10-15 min
  • Plot Summary:


This level is kinda tricky if you don't know what you're getting into. It consists of a grid aligned diagonally, with hallways from bottom-left to top-right and vice-versa.

The bottom-left to top-right hallways have rolling, undodgeable (unless you move completely out of the hallway) cylinders that roll down from the top-right on a regular interval. The opposite hallways are blocked at each crossroads with walls that raise up and down, and can be toggled by walking over any of the lit-up circles that are located in several places in the hallways. These circles will toggle to being unlit for a few seconds after you walk over them to toggle the walls.

With all of the wall-toggling and dodging, your main mission here is to reach the four rooms that branch off from the grid, defeat the enemies, and then smash the pillar that appears after the room is cleared, and move on. Every party member has to be in the room for it to start spawning the enemies, however you should NOT worry very much about travelling together. A lot of times, someone will dash into a hallway ahead of you to dodge the cylinders, and then inadvertently trip the lit circle switch and close the door behind them, leaving whoever was following behind in the path of the annoying steamroller. :( Just have everyone take their time, and it may even be advantageous to split up, in order to get to the rooms. The rooms are easily cleared if you start with the bottom two rooms first, since they are closer.


Img ShaMurlocBoss
Type: Boss
Speed: Middle
Attacks: Misc.
Shark with legs?

The boss of this stage can be difficult, but it simply requires some deft dodging if you have to melee him. When he pulls off his super skill, you need to get out from in front of him or you will be drilled into the wall and maybe even die from his drill combo. He darts forward and then sideways, so try and dodge to his side and get away so his second part of the combo doesn't connect either. It's also good to try and pen him to the wall or corner instead of him penning you, because if you're pinned down by him, you'll obviously have less mobility and not be able to get out of the way, whereas if his back is to the wall you can dodge a lot easier. Definitely a boss that is easier done with a group so you can aggro him back and forth in different directions.


Lv 69 monsters


Episode Items (Stage 4-1 (Legend) ~ Stage 4-10 (Legend)):

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