Stage 4-6: Coast of Invasion

Stage-Select Name: Coast of Invasion
Map Name: Coast of Invasion


  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Party Requirement: 1-3
  • Time to Complete: 10-15 min
  • Plot Summary:


Go south and meet up with Tia. Fight off the raptors,SLimes and Pokus. Continue south and fight off the enimies. The jumgle vines are like explosive osrtiches,but do not deal as much damage. Continue on south. FIght off the raptors and the pirate, and avoid the cannons. The cannon plants can help you alot. Now go to the door were Tia is. Find some small barrels and destroy them. Gunpowder is inside of them. Collect 10 of these (Ignore the pirates) and go back to Tia. Fight hordes of Mud Monsters until you have finished them off. Now time for Mud Man.


Giant Mud Monster
Img MudYetiBoss
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Misc.
Big mud. Big, fat mud.
This fat glob of mud is pretty easy to beat. His annoying move,were he goes under the ground,attacks you with very strong damage. When you see the mud go under the ground and see flying mud going toward you,dash out of the way. After he comes out, take that chance and bash some combos. Dont be to greedy and go for extra hits,just do your damage and get out of there. Theres also the shooting dirt move,were mud man shoots poop. Dodging this is easy. And same as before,do some combos after that and dont be to greedy. His favorite move to use, the ground-pillar hit.Its really easy to tell when he is going to use it. He jumps in the air. Try to get as far away as possible.When he lands,theres is going to be pillars. Bash em' with combos again. Once enough, he will fall to the ground and TADA! There you destroyed mud man. And by the way, go wash your hands.



Episode Items (Stage 4-6 ~ Stage 4-10):

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