Stage 4-4: Unexpected Helper

Stage-Select Name: Zuruwe
Map Name: Unexpected Helper


  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Party Requirement: 1-4
  • Time to Complete: 5-15 min
  • Plot Summary:


  1. When you begin, you're stuck in a prison. To get out, simply attack the gate like you would the normal rocks. Attacking the gate will prevent any players from your copy of the stage.
  2. You're going to be alone for these first few battles; as will your party members. Once you open the gate, two Troll Club Warriors will spawn. Kill them, and destroy the next gate.
  3. Now you'll face off against two mobs: another Troll Club Warrior and a Single-Minded Troll Club Warrior. Kill them, and continue on past the stone arch.
  4. You'll now be in an open area where you can meet up with your party members. There're groups of sleeping mobs around, each one with one awake mob (normally a Troll Spearman). When you get near the spearman, it'll begin yelling. If it completes 3 yelling animations, the rest of it's group will wake up as well. Attacking the sleeping mobs will also awaken them, so be careful, and try to eliminate the awake mob.
  5. Go around eliminating each awake mob. Once you've killed them all, continue on past the large stone arc to the south-east.
    1. There's a quest to the north from a "Lost Knight;" make sure you pick it up for some extra exp.
  6. Once you pass the arc and continue a bit more, you'll get locked into an area with 4 Troll Club Warriors and 2 Totems of Flames. Once you kill at least 3 of the 4 Troll Club Warriors, 2 more will spawn, but this time accompanied by a Single-Minded Troll Club Warrior. Kill all the remaining mobs, along with the Totems, and continue on. Along the way, there's a chest with meat in it.
  7. Another locked fight. You're up against 4 Totems of Flames, 3 Troll Club Warriors, and 1 Single-Minded Troll Club Warrior. Once those 8 are dead, 3 Troll Spearmen will spawn. Kill them and continue. There's another chest with meat in it along the way.
  8. Now's when you'll finally meet Tia in game. Protect her as she goes up against 2 Cannon Trees, 1 Jungle Gorrila, and 1 Troll Spearman. 3 Troll Club Warriors will spawn later and attack as well. Kill all the mobs and keep Tia alive. Continue east and meet the boss.


Img TrollBoss01
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Misc.
Troll Assistant Captain

o boss é um cú :) In the star, you will get separeted of the boss, and then, when passes 2~5 mins, the line you disappear.

Monsters and DropsEdit

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