Stage 4-10: The Submerged Temple

Stage-Select Name: Submerged Temple
Map Name: The Submerged Temple


  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Party Requirement: 1-4
  • Time to Complete: 10-20mins
  • Plot Summary:



Img GiantHydra Main
Type: Episode Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Misc.
5-headed hydra

Also Tarask does not move.. as much... a five headed monster with fire breath, shooting homing magic, and many more.. gives at least 100-450 dmg.


You can stand next to the right most head, without any major damage. Perfect attack place for high level mage or heal. High damage is important, as hydra regenerates itself and its hp.

Once the stone appears infront of the right most head, destroy it at once as it can shoot beads of energy which will knock you down and disrupt any combos you might have going or if you're healing your party members.


Lv 40 monsters


Episode Items (Stage 4-6 ~ Stage 4-10):

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