• Difficulty: 4/10
  • Party Requirement: Anything goes…
  • Time to Complete: ~7-15 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:




  1. Go and talk to Knight Captain Christina at your lower left corner.
  2. Area A consists of several consecutives battle in which you need to protect some Royal Knight Guild from some orcs. Don’t worry though they can actually own the orcs pretty much on their own.
  3. In area B, Knight Captain Cristina will also join the fight along with Cini-valkun; her assistant. She needs to remain alive. She’ll pretty decimate everything on her own. However after a while the Reaver (boss from stage: 3-2) will spawn. Follow the same tactic as you did and you should have no problem.
  4. Area C is another puzzle area. Statues with giant maces will constantly attacks. Wait for it to slam the ground then move forward afterward. It should be pretty easy IMHO. Afterwards, it’s the boss fight.


Orc Cavalryman
Type: Boss
Speed: Normal
Attacks: Melee

1st form of a 2 stage fight

Orc Cavalryman

  1. Spear Combo
    Will spin his spear at first. Looks like a 4 hit spear combos but in fact isn’t. You get knock down mid-way through. Medium Damages. The range is bigger than it looks. In fact it can hit things at his side too.
  2. Spear Swing
    Swing His spear in front. Whoever that gets hit will be thrown far back. Small damages.
  3. Fire Breath
    Pretty much self-explanatory. His dinosaur will blow a fire breath on you. Very damaging.
  4. Dino Slam
    The dinosaur jumps up and sits on you. This move will also hit knocked down member. Not too damaging though.

He has huge delay; both before the skill and after. Hit him and if you see him spin his spear, side step and go back in after he attack. Pretty easy in my opinion. When you get his HP down to 25% he’ll transform into…

Boss: 2nd formEdit

Orc Cavalry Captain
Type: Boss
Speed: slow
Attacks: Melee

2nd form of a 2 stage fight

Orc Cavalry Captain

  1. Spear cross
    This is a 2 hit combo. He basically moves his pear upward followed by a swing. The range of the first hit is pitiful though. Not very damaging but does knock you down.
  2. Spear Stab
    Thrust his spear forward and push you back. Not very damaging as well.

Just when Sieg said orcs were clever this boss is here to prove the opposite…If you stand at a certain distance from the boss, he’ll keep attacking you but unfortunately for him, his spear won’t reach you. Basically, you can spam what ever ranged skill you have on him. If he does run toward you, just back step and repeat.


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