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  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Party Requirement: Healer and Wizard.
  • Time to Complete: ~5-12 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:




  1. Go and talk to Knight Captain Christina at your lower left corner.
  2. Proceed to the north. You will encounter some cactus monsters which you need to slay. (Note: these cactus are quite clever especially the Jjukjjuk, they know how to hit and run so be careful)
  3. When you reach Area A, kill the Orcs. Afterward you need to light some fire. You can do so by simply walking over it.
  4. Go back to Knight captain Christina. On your way back, some Thorny Cactus and Recovering Spine Cactus would have spawned. Ignore those. After talking with Christina, you’ll be able to go to the south.
  5. Area B consist of consecutives fights with the orcs. The catch here is that there will be some flame throwing tower that constantly puts pressure on you. You can however destroy these tower with range attack (you can’t melee) although it’s best not to as it doesn’t help that much. Just concentrate on orcs and proceed.

    Careful! These fireballs do a lot of damages!


Doll Witch Doctor
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Melee

The orc version of Dacy…

Orc Doll Witch Doctor

  1. Summon Big Doll
    The boss summons a doll that can do 3 hits combo on you. These dolls hurts but they are slow. You can destroy the dolls and they don’t have much hp. Notice that the boss can summon many of these on the battle field. If you get trap by 3 or more of these, chance are you’ll die. The doll can also knock you down.
  2. Summon Small Curse Doll
    These small dolls do no damages but instead curse you with slow down status. You can, however, break this doll.
  3. Awkward Stump
    The boss side dash to the left and the to the right to finally stump forward causing average damages on you. A Knockdown move
  4. Healing Recovery
    This is a recovery move. The boss will recover 70 hp after being knock down.

First of all the fire towers are also here with the boss but ignore those as well. The boss is not too hard. Push him to a corner and keep attacking him without knocking him down. If you do knock him down, no big deal as long as you did more than 70 damages to him.


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