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  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Party Requirement: Whatever suits you.
  • Time to Complete: ~4-12 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:




  1. Proceed by killing all enemies. Nothing out of the ordinary except that Harpy likes to run away, so it’ll take you more time to kill as they don’t like to cluster themselves together.
  2. When you reach area A, You need to gather Magic Mirror Piece that are scattered through out the area while getting bombarded by Harpy (no you cannot kill these harpy). When you have gather 11 mirror you can open up the way by closing into the blocked path up in the north. (Note: you can now access area S, there’s nothing in it though.)

    Bombs Away! err… I mean… Harpy Away!

  3. More Battle ensures and eventually you’ll reach the Boss.


Red Wing Harpy King
Type: Boss
Speed: Fast
Attacks: Melee

Flying Boss is very annoying!

Red Wing Harpy King

  1. Claw Combo
    A typical combo that most boss have. This one is 5 hit though. Also a Knock down move that causes average damage.
  2. The King’s Descent
    During the King’s Descent, the Harpy King will fly very high in the sky (you can see his shadow though) then eventually drop down at a fast pace. It cause very small damages though it’s knock you down.
  3. Eruption
    I’ve never seen this apart from The King’s Descent but it seems two different attacks so… Basically, the Red Wing Harpy King summons some fire beneath him. Those who are standing under him will continue to receive fire damage. It hurts a lot but it doesn’t knock you down.

    Don’t stand beneath him!

  4. Feather Blast
    The boss closes his wing then after a while, he’ll shoot feather in all direction. These feathers explode upon contact and cause a knock down. Small damage.
  5. Feather Gatling Gun
    Shoot lots of feather in a concentric area. This attack also cause knock down. Small damage.

Well since most of the time the Red Wing Harpy King is in the air, you’ll most likely run around a lot. You can hit him when he does his combo (from behind) or when he does the Feather Blast attack. Don’t try to hit him otherwise because you can’t.


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