Bonus 3-1

Stage-Select Name: Entrance to the Fire Fortress
Map Name: Ent. of Fire Fort


  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Max Players: 2
  • Stage Requirement: Lv 70
  • Party Requirement: ?


I would suggest taking with you flawless potions (1-5B stage) , or if use ranged char like ryan or arien because some monsters hit really hard.

On start there are few kobolts in first 2 rooms(easy part) , next is steam tank and 2 "mine lyers" (if ur planning to atack them in close keep in mind that if they turn red they might hit u hard) , next are fire worms (need to be cearfull cuz on start they might push you into fire) , after then theres first stage mini boss (scorpion king, his skills can do around 2k dmg so watch on him ) , later u can find fire worms with bigger versions of them shooting those blue balls of energy , but if u come to them close and start attack them they wont do a thing . In next room you wil meet 2 mini bosses (i would suggest using flawless potion here or skill that makes you immune because they come close to you on start and can hit hard but their hp is kinda low) , and after them theres finally stage boss (looks like buffed jack in Le lua to me)


Boss looks to me as buffed Jack in le lua his fast but if u run all time and attack with ranged u can take him down in about 5 mins .


Lv 80 monsters
lvl 100 and more than 100


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