Bonus 2-7

Stage-Select Name: Dragon Cave Core
Map Name: Dragon Cave Core


  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Party Requirement: 1-4
  • Time to Complete:max 20 min
  • Plot Summary:


1 player must protect middle stone and 3 other players must destroy stones (if players have less than 300 STR then all 3 players must destroy every 1 stone together) on north/south/west/east

On this map ur having timer set to 20 mins (on pillars part).

On start 3 players can go left while other 1 starts by going closer to core . First side boss on left is Dark ruler(2-5B boss) best way to kill him is to freeze with either yuki or ryan while other party members are attacking. After this boss everyone should kill all monsters attacking core and move on right side where they will meet second side boss (2-6B boss) . Next everyone should can go by either north on south or split since now only baby dragons will come out from pillars (but other mobs spawn normally) . After all pillars are destroyed Final boss will appear the Ancient light master ( its actually bigger kseidon (6-5)) it has wide range attacks so try kill him fast since he can destroy core in center of map in seconds (depending on how much hp it has left).

Video guides:


Ancient master Light

Lvl: 90

strengh: 1000-2500

Monsters and DropsEdit

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