Bonus 2-2

Stage Select Name: Ancient Snow Girl's Village
Map Name: Ancient Snow Girl's Village


  • Stage Difficulty: 3/10
  • Boss Difficulty: 2/10
  • Party Requirement: 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 4~15 minutes
  • Record: 0:54 (7-18-09)
  • Requirements: Complete 2-1 Bonus and retrieve the key from the boss..

Plot Summary:

Monsters Edit


1. You begin in an empty room with a portal to the east. Enter this portal.

Beginning (2-2B)

2. In the next room, you will be confronted with a number of Ancient Yeti and Ancient Pang Pang, Clear the room and enter the portal to the east.

Room 1 (2-2B)

3. Walk up to the Purification Machine to begin the next part. you need to defeat the Ancient Ice Queens Mind Control Device. the monsters here never stop spawning so just head for the device.

Room 2 Ancient Ice Queen Device (2-2B)

4. Destroying the device, the boss will spawn.

Boss (2-2B)


This boss is very similar to the boss you fought in 2-8 History. All of the attacks are exactly the same. The only difference is that he is much larger.

  • Charge: Backing up slightly, he will charge forward. This is the only attack you need to worry about since its the only one that can knock you down.

Rock Beam: Shooting out a short range beam in the direction he's facing, it will turn you in to a rock if it hits. If you are a rock, you are invulnerable until it ends, but you cannot move.

Multi-Beam of Doom: Looking around for about 5 seconds, he will shoot out several beams in potentially his entire front side. Normally this attack will lower you to 0 HP if it hits.

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