Bonus 2-1

Stage Select Name: World of Ice
Map Name: World of Ice


  • Stage Difficulty: 5/10
  • Boss Difficulty: 6/10
  • Party Requirement: 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 5~15 minutes
  • Requirements: "World of Ice" key

Plot Summary: The party attempts to find a Snow Flower in order to save Salia. Searching for the flower, they are confused as to why the monsters are attacking them. Eir then suggest that the Dark Elves may be involved.

Monsters Edit

2-1B Monsters

Ancient Pang Pang, Ancient Cold Spirit Tree, Ancient Giant Ice Spirit

Ancient Wolf, Ancient Polar Bear, Ancient Yeti, Ancient Yeti (Small)

Ancient Yeti's Elder

NPC's Edit

Ancient Snow Girl

Ancient Snow Girl


1. You will begin this stage in a safe room with the Ancient Snow Girl NPC to the north and a portal directly in front of you. Speak with the Snow Girl and receive a "World of Ice" key.

Note: The quest that you receive the key can only be done once a day. You can however. purchase a 24 hour long key from the Merchant in the square for 5 Gold.

2. After obtaining a key through either method, enter the portal to your east. In the next room, you will be confronted with Ancient Yeti's, the large ones with brown stripes are of no threat. Look out for the smaller ones though since they can stun. Clear the room and head for the next portal in the east.


The boss of this stage is the Ancient Yeti's Elder. This monsters acts very similar to the Yeti King except much larger. He has 4 attacks that you should know about.:

  • Avalanche Clap:
    • Clapping his hands, he sends a small avalanche in the direction that he is facing.

  • Ice Breath:
    • Taking a deep breath, he will exhale a stream of icy breath in the direction that he is facing.

  • Three Part Pose:
    • He will pose in three different positions. While not looking hazardous, if you are close enough to him, it will hit in a 3 hit combo.

  • High Jump:
    • Leaping high into the air, he will impact the ground causing a shock-wave. This attack can hit when he jumps and lands. If you are hit on the jump, you will be thrown into the air, while the shock-wave causes stun.

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