• Difficulty: 1/10
  • Party Requirement: Whatever. Soloable at a low level, like 21.
  • Time to Complete: 4-12 mins.
  • Record:
  • Plot Summary: Sieg and company arrive in Ramancha and find a drunk Mr. Bradford and Lache. Sieg delivers his message to Mr. Bradford. With no time to rest, orcs attack the village. In order to protect the village, Sieg and company must get Mr. Bradford's magic book. This book is then stolen by the orcs. Bradford casts a spell that destroys the attacking forces, but is unable to regain the book. The book (written in a language only Lache can read) must be retrieved. (Copied From stage 1-2)




I'm not even gonna try to do a detailed guide here as the strategy should be
the same as the history version of it.
Please visit Stage 1-2 for all the details.
I will however give a brief walkthrough for those who forgot.

  1. Go west. Kill Orcs.
  2. Meet with Lache and then go north and kill some more Orcs.
  3. Afterward, go to Bradford's magic book and then go all the way back to give him his book back.
  4. Massive amounts of enemies will now be coming from the north. Unlike the last time, don't sit there and wait. Go to the north and kill. Even if you can't, you can still run in circle so that enemies won't proceed further.
  5. After the timer ends, you win.



There are no bosses here

<< Legend 1-1 Legend 1-3 >>

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