• Difficulty: ?/10
  • Party Requirement:
  • Time to Complete: 10-20 minutes
  • Record:
  • Plot Summary: The party has finally arrived at the Lost Temple. Because of the seals placed on the area, Yuria cannot enter--Sieg, Eir, and Dainn must battle through an array of defenses to find the Red Maro.


You start off in the bottom right corner of the map. The first stretch is just like History, but all the wolves have been replaced by bears. Once you finish off the first set, a couple more small bears will appear along with a giant Black Bear who fights just like every other giant bear you've encountered so far. Upon defeating all of the bears, the tree spirits will spawn--the only difference from History here is a rock-throwing tree in their midst who is protected on all sides by the beam trees. Either use ranged attacks or be careful to dodge the rocks.

Next area has Explosive Ostriches, but thankfully no sunflowers. There are a few rock-throwing trees in this section, but nothing that should be a problem.

Moving on, you'll encounter a large mob of slimes. They'll spawn in two waves, followed by four Giant Slimes at once. If you're extremely confident in your dodging skills, you can try to stay in their midst, but most parties will choose to lure one Giant Slime at a time down into the lower area and kill them.

Continuing on north, you'll face poison-spewing mushrooms. While they still can't knock you down and kill you, there are rock-throwing trees and small mushrooms scattered around who will be more than happy to finish you off. Play through this area carefully--it is suggested that you try to move separately so that you won't accidentally run into a rock or mushroom that was aimed at one of your party members.

Upon reaching the three seals, you'll need to break them to summon the three minibosses. The Giant Mushroom will have small mushrooms and the Giant Bear will have small bears with them--these shouldn't pose much of a problem. The Tree Spirit will have two rock-throwing trees behind him; try to use powerful skills to finish them quickly, or have a Sieg use Destruction Fist to move them into the same space as the big Tree Spirit. None of these minibosses have gained new attacks, so you should know how to deal with them by now.

Finally, you'll reach the Guardian of the Lost Temple. Pretty much the exact same as he was in History, with one new attack. He'll raise his arms in the air, then slam the ground to cause an earthquake that stuns everyone in the entire room. It does around 300 damage and the only way to avoid it is to be knocked down or to use a skill that makes you invulnerable at the moment it hits, like Sieg's Counter or Dainn's Bitter Cold Breath.

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