Carlos Perdal (Daily Quest)Edit

NPC Carlos Perdal

Every quest is available 1 time per day


  • killing boss

Reset: every day at 00:00 (Pacific Time Zone) - see

  • 0:00 AM - western United States (Pacific Time Zone)
  • 3:00 AM - eastern United States (Eastern Time Zone)
  • 7:00 AM - western Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal)
  • 8:00 AM - central Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Italy)


  • 2 x Voucher of Appreciation (except Cave of Chaos - Myth)
  • EXP
  • Dimly Shining Jewel (Factory x 5, Lab x 5, Tumgalad x 5, Upper x 4, Lower x 3)

Quest Name Stage EXP Level
Daily Quest - Defeat the Guardian of Lost Temple Stage 1-10 (History) 20,000 Level 1+
Daily Quest - Defeat Drake Stage 2-10 (History) 50,000 Level 10+
Daily Quest - Yeti King in Yeti,s Cave Defeated Yeti Cave 138,024 Level 25+
Daily Quest - Dumuk in Pumpkin Soul Graveyard Defeated Pumpkin Soul Graveyard 434,513 Level 35+
Daily Quest - Psy in Cursed Ghost Village Defeated Cursed Ghost Village 626,855 Level 41+
Daily Quest - Kanhel in Kanhel's Ruins Defeated Kanhel's Ruins 421,971 Level 45+
Daily Quest - 3 Adaman Golems in Secret Base of Cobolt Defeated Secret Base of Cobolt 882,504 Level 50+
Daily Quest - Giraffe in Black Forest Defeated Black Forest 507,385 Level 50+
Daily Quest - 3 Seiren in the Sea of Soul Song Defeated Sea of Soul Song 1,681,483 Level 55+
Daily Quest - Efreet in Jahillyah Lower Level Defeated Jahillyah Lower Level 1,193,389 Level 55+
Daily Quest - Baphomet in the Center of Tumgalad Defeated Center of Tumgalad 1,655,391 Level 58+
Daily Quest - Hellios in Jahillyah Upper Level Defeated Jahillyah Upper Level 1,595,327 Level 58+
Daily Quest - Jack in Le Lua Secret Factory Defeated Le Lua Secret Factory 1,441,381 Level 61+
Daily Quest - Charlotte in Chalet Secret Research Lab Defeated Chalet Secret Research Lab 2,166,763 Level 66+
Daily Quest - Defeat the Nergal (1 Rebirth) Saturday & Sunday Cave of Chaos (Myth) 8,000,000 RB & 70+

Lynette (Character Quest)Edit

NPC Lynette

Quest Name Requirements Reward Level
New Profession — Puppeteer Selected 500g, 100 x Needle, 100 x Spool Dacy character Level 1+
New Job — Mystic Snow Girl 700g, 1 x Dark Shadow's Eye Yuki character Level 1+
New Profession — Wolf in war 600g, 100 x Fortification Stone, 100 x Catalyst Krieg character Level 1+
New Profession — Guardian of Forest 1000g, 1 x Dark Shadow's Eye Arien character Level 1+

Designated Secretary Kankisae (Title Quest)Edit

NPC Designated Secretary Kankisae

Quest Name Stage Reward Level
Title - Orc Advance of Orcs Orc Title Level 1+
Title - Guardian Advance of Orcs Guardian Title Level 1+
Title - Manly Advance of Orcs Manly Title Level 1+
Title - Volunteer N/A Volunteer Title Level 11+
Title - Dragon Hunter Stage 2-10 (History) Dragon Hunter Title Level 11+
Title - Legendary Dragon Hunter Stage 2-10 (Legend) Legendary Dragon Hunter Title Level 11+
Title - Adventurer Grave of the Pirate King (History) Adventurer Title Level 11+

Luther Fred (Stage Quest)Edit

NPC Luther Fred

Duran (Equipment Quest)Edit

Main article: Duran

NPC Duran

Parne (Vouchers of Appreciation Quest)Edit

NPC Parne

Wanderer Shore (Gold Star Quest)Edit

NPC Wanderer Shore

Henry (Myth Quest)Edit

NPC Henry

Myth Researcher Humil (Bonus Episode Quest)Edit

NPC Myth Researcher Humil

Gillan (Rebirth Quest)Edit

NPC Gillan

Key TraderEdit

NPC Key Trader

Item Exchange AgentEdit

NPC Item Exchange Agent

Fishing Master HemingwayEdit

NPC Fishing Master Hemingway

Old FishermanEdit

NPC Old Fisherman

Guild Office Director Peyton (Guild)Edit

NPC Guild Office Director

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