All the background music files for Lunia are in the folder:


They are in .ogg format, which can be played with programs such as Kantaris Media Player or VLC Media Player. It can be converted to other music formats with programs such as Xilisoft OGG MP3 Converter.

Tracks Edit

Title: Episode Boss
Filename: Boss_EpisodeBoss.ogg
Location: Usually the final stage of an episode(X-10)
Size: 3,406KB
Duration: 2:33

Title: Campfire
Filename: Campfire.ogg
Location: In the campfire(The darkened map after a stage)
Size: 3,078KB
Duration: 2:03

Title: Ending
Filename: Ending.ogg
Location: Ending credits
Size: 5,990KB
Duration: 4:13

Title: Village Forest
Filename: EP1F_VillageForest.ogg
Location: Early Episode One stages
Size: 3,019KB
Duration: 2:08

Title: Elven Forest
Filename: EP1L_ElvenForest.ogg
Location: Later Episode One stages
Size: 2,850KB
Duration: 1:59

Title: Tundra
Filename: EP2F_Tundra.ogg
Location: Early Episode Two stages
Size: 3,515KB
Duration: 2:30

Title: Old Tundra
Filename: EP2F_Tundra_old.ogg
Location: Varies
Size: 2,764KB
Duration: 1:57

Title: Ice Cave
Filename: EP2L_IceCave.ogg
Location: Later Episode Two
Size: 3,546KB
Duration: 2:20

Title: Stone Hill
Filename: EP3F_StoneHill.ogg
Location: Early Episode Three
Size: 2,723KB
Duration: 1:55

Title: Orc Fortress
Filename: EP3L_OrcFortress.ogg
Location: Later Episode Three
Size: 2,822KB
Duration: 2:00

Title: Jungle
Filename: EP4_Jungle.ogg
Location: Episode Four
Size: 1,831KB
Duration: 2:38

Title: Site
Filename: EP4_Site.ogg
Location: Episode Four
Size: 1,724KB
Duration: 2:26

Title: Middle Age(Unreleased)
Filename: EP5_MiddleAge_1.ogg
Location: Episode Five(Unreleased)
Size: 1,889KB
Duration: 2:41

Title: Middle Age 2(Unreleased)
Filename: EP5_MiddleAge_2.ogg
Location: Episode Five(Unreleased)
Size: 1,700KB
Duration: 2:23

Title: Lunia Theme
Filename: Theme_MainTheme.ogg
Location: Server Selection; Login Screen; Character Selection; Square Selection
Size: 5,654KB
Duration: 3:59

Title: Play Park
Filename: PlayPark.ogg
Location: ???
Size: 1,050KB
Duration: 1:27

Title: PvP Loading
Filename: PvPLoading.ogg
Location: PVP Loading Screen
Size: 391KB
Duration: 1:02

Title: Square
Filename: Square_HumanVillage.ogg
Location: The Square
Size: 3,698KB
Duration: 2:38

Title: Stage Boss
Filename: Stage_Boss.ogg
Location: The boss battle of most stages
Size: 2,362KB
Duration: 1:39

Title: Stage War
Filename: Stage_War.ogg
Location: Varies
Size: 2,602KB
Duration: 1:53

Title: Stage War 2
Filename: Stage_War2.ogg
Location: Varies
Size: 1,475KB
Duration: 1:02

Title: Love Theme
Filename: Theme_LoveTheme.ogg
Location: ???
Size: 3,443KB
Duration: 2:25

Title: World Cut Event
Filename: WorldCupEvent.ogg
Location: ???
Size: 1,115KB
Duration: 1:27

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