Satanic Bard Skills
Agony Sound of Agony
Duet of Rage
Rhapsody of Blood
True Rhapsody of Blood
Ultimate Sound of Pain

Recovery Recitation of Showdown
Song of Recovery
Song of Hero
Phantom Fantasia
True Song of Hero

Darkness Seduction of Succubus
Lullaby of Lucifer
Orgel of Orcus
Sanguine Samsara
True Orgel of Orcus

Ability Mana Recovery
Increase Mana
Magical Critical
Increase Health

Song of Recovery is a skill available to players of the Satanic Bard class.

Video Edit


Game Description: Play a mind-stimulating tune to replenish mana of your allies.

Actual Description: Kali plays her lute for a short time and then recoveries mana to everyone within the circle.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Pros:
    • Recoveries mana
  • Cons:
    • Long cast time
    • Drains HP
    • Short range

General InformationEdit

Stage UsageEdit

PvP UsageEdit

Player OpinionEdit

This is probably one of the skills that Kali is best known for. It is a very useful skill and can save you and your allies a lot of gold, however be careful of where you use it as it takes a while to cast.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name
Song of recovery Song of Recovery
Play a mind-stimulating tune to replenish mana of your allies.
Skill Level Level Required MP Restored HP Consumed
1 23 +357 MP -71 HP
2 28 +437 MP -87 HP
3 33 +517 MP -103 HP
4 38 +597 MP -119 HP
5 43 +677 MP -135 HP
6 48 +757 MP -151 HP
7 53 +837 MP -167 HP
8 58 +917 MP -183 HP
9 63 +1008 MP -202 HP
10 68 +1101 MP -220 HP
11 73 +1194 MP -239 HP
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