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Sky Slashing is a skill available to players of the knight class.


Game Description: Levitate and strike down the opponent to deliver heavy damage. Force the opponent to stand up and deliver additional blows.

Actual Description: Sieg swings his sword upwards, 'levitates' in the air for an instant, and then brings the blade down.

Colloquial names: ss

  • Number of hits: 2
  • Properties:
    • First hit knocks down
    • Second hit only targets things on the ground
    • Second hit knocks targets up off the ground
    • Skill cancelable

General informationEdit

This is a rather unusual skill. See PvP usage.

Stage usageEdit

There really isn't all that much use for it in stages, asides from adding one hit to increase the air multiplier.

PvP usageEdit

It can be used to reset combo decay, but it is rather difficult to use in an inescapable manner. If not timed properly, opponents can escape before the 2nd hit falls, so Sky Slashing users must time the attack so that the 2nd hit falls at the exact same time as the opponent.

At certain levels, more height will be added to the 2nd hit. At level 1, SS can be followed with DFist, kicking, crosscut, windkick, and nado (there may be a few skills missing).

Player opinionEdit

There are extremely varying opinions about this skill, but at this time, most people will opt to skip it to put points into other skills.

-A PvP build may find it useful to drop one or two points into this skill.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Sky Sword Sky Slashing 1.33 Sec 0.3 Sec 35 Sec 24
Levitate and strike down the opponent to deliver heavy damage. Force the opponent to stand up and deliver additional blows.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 35 68~135 90
2 39 135~151 100
3 43 150~167 111
4 47 163~182 121
5 51 179~199 132
6 55 192~214 142
7 59 206~229 152
8 63 233~248 165

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