A Skill is the character's abilities. Skills can be magic incantations, weapon techniques, or effects conjured up by whatever game mechanism the developers allowed. Skills have various effects, from dealing different kinds of damage, healing, to causing beneficial effects [buffs] on friendly characters or harmful effects [debuffs] on hostile monsters and players in PvP.

Sieg Eir
Dainn Tia
Lime Dacy
Krieg Yuki
Arien Ryan
Kali Asuka
Ralph Rebirth Skills

Types of skills by school Edit

  • School Fire skills
  • School Nature skills
  • School Frost skills
  • School Darkness skills
  • School Light skills
  • School Earth skills

Additional notes Edit

  • All skills have a school that indicates the sphere of effectiveness in relation to anti-element buffs cast by Dainn. Elements have no affect on stage play.
  • Most skills have a casting time that varies depending on the skills. Some skills are instantly cast, while others are channeled, causing the effect over the entire casting time.
  • Some skills require reagents.
  • All skills have ranks that indicates a relative effectiveness level.
  • All skills cost one skill point (gained when leveling up) to obtain or rank up.

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