Secret Areas are small, hidden areas within a stage that, when found, give you a small amount of exp. They usually have a chest (Suspicious Box) and an enviormental healing item (such as a Coconut Tree or Aloe). The chest can be attacked. Doing this will normally open the box and drops items; one for each member of the party. Sometimes, however, the chest will attack back. When this happens, you must defeat the chest for your items; it'll only drop one, no matter the number of players in your party.

It is generally looked down upon to go straight for a secret, leaving the rest of the party to deal with any monsters.

Secret Areas info


Episode 1Edit

aee :3Secret Areas ep1

Episode 2Edit

Secret Areas ep2

Episode 3Edit

Secret Areas ep3

Episode 4Edit

Secret Areas ep4

Episode 5Edit

Secret Areas ep5

Episode 6Edit

Secret Areas ep6

Raid StagesEdit

Yeti Cave
Map - Yeti Cave - Secret Area
1 secret area

Hidden Elf Garden
Map - Hidden Elf Garden - Secret Areas
5 secret areas

Ghost Dungeon
Map - Ghost Dungeon - Secret Areas
4 secret areas

Track in Forest
Map Track in Forest (Secret Areas)
2 secret areas

Recluse Forest
Map Recluse Forest (Secret Areas)
2 hidden areas

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