Reborn Myth GuideEdit

Ryans can be either one of the best and most valued characters in myth or one of the most annoying. Since the new patch that added air to myth enemies Ryans have moved from a pushing and main dps class to a mostly pushing and supplementary dps class. I say this not because I think that Ryans can't hit #1 dps but rather because with the same abilities as another class they will fall back in rank due to their lack of range and number of air combo attacks. So, as a Ryan it will be twice as important now to gather the correct skills.



- Rapid Rail Gun (1,max) A nice in between push but doesn't have the distance Amplified Rail Gun has

-Amplified Rail Gun (max)

-New Amplified Rail Gun (max)

-New Rapid Shot (max) don't bother with the old rapid shot, your sp will be wasted

Invincible Frames and Escape Skills:Edit

These frames are imperative to being a good player. They are used to avoid griffon attacks and escape the blows of mini bosses.

- Left/right slide shot (1) Used properly will give you an invincible frame

-Magma explosion (1) Ryan will blow the ground in front of him and do a backflip. Can be used to avoid griffons very nicely.

-Freeze Rail Gun (1) will freeze the enemy, very good in m4 and any other myth when used properly. Timing is key.

-Merciless Shot (1,max) Good for freezing and escaping

Dps and Air Comboing Skills:Edit

-Impartial (max) (air combo mid level)

-Wildshot (max) (air combo mid level)

-Sulfur Rain (max) (air combo high level)

-Burning Land (optional,1) (air combo mid level) Untried personally but seen in myth to have worked decently

Hard Knock Down Skills:Edit

These skills will kill the pesky wind machines, meteors and black holes found in myth.

-Iron Bomb (max)

-True Iron Bomb (max)

-Flame Impact (1,0) can also flinch and slightly move monsters


In myth abilities really should be the least of your worries. Here attacks are 500x more important. With a good or bad party, these skill really won't affect the way you play. However, if you have extra sp I suggest putting at least one sp in mana and hp regen but the rest are completely optional.

This myth guide is by no means perfect and I'm sure there are others but this will get you started. It will make sure you have sufficient push and dps. It can be modified but make sure you know what role you wish to play in your party and your own strengths and weaknesses based upon your skill and equipment. Strength is important but most certainly is not everything so be prepared. -Aza

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