Ryan Hunt
Profile Ryan
Age: 24
Height: 180cm
Class: Bounty Hunter
Released in GLunia, KLunia and BLunia

Introduction Edit

Background StoryEdit

Using the majority of his time to ensure his weapons are in top condition. The only reason he searches out bounties is to better fine-tune his Guns.

Official info:
"While not overly reticent, he is not a man of many words. He is the type of man who avoids making unnecessary chitchat, and prefers to ponder deeply before putting his plans into action. He spends a lot of time making sure that the weapons on his right and left hands are in top condition. He hunts down wanted criminals because he needs the Bounty for tuning up his Weapons."

Class TypeEdit

Ryan Hunt is a Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunters, similar to Archers, are ranged but use a Rifle and an arm-mounted Gatling Gun instead of a Bow.

Main Weapons: Guns


For a listing of Ryan's skills please refer to Gunner Skills

Skill Points GrowthEdit

Ryan gains 1 skill point per level; however, beginning when you reach level 4 and every 4 levels thereafter, he will receive 2 skill points.

        Level 3 -> Level 4 = 2 skill points.  
        Level 4 -> Level 5 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 5 -> Level 6 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 6 -> Level 7 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 7 -> Level 8 = 2 skissssssss

Level X0 (+4) -> Level Y0 (+4) = 2 skill points where X0 = 3 and Y0 = 4.

Skill Builds Edit

Ryan Non-Rebirth Guide

Ryan Reborn Myth Guide - Aza


  • To unlock Ryan you must buy Ryan's card for 89 G-Coin or 101 G-Coin for Ryan card and character slot
  • Alternatively, you can acquire a Quest from Lynette in the Square, which requires you to pay 800 Gold and a Dark Shadow's eye.


Ryan combos

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