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Resurrect a dead party member.

General InformationEdit

Revives a teammate from death. Note that this only works on the ghost of the player or on the character's gravestone when they become a ghost.

This can be fickle, as the range isn't very clear. It's suggested that Eir should be very close to the ghost of the character one wants to revive when activating the skill. Resurrection costs one Jewel of Life regardless of whether the skill misses or not. Jewels of Life were once limited to certain Episode 2 stages on Legend. Now they can now be bought in shops for 15 gold.

HP/MP restored to fallen party members increases with rank.

Stage UsageEdit

In History, Legend, and Bonus stages, Eirs are advised to never use Resurrection. Resurrection is a skill that costs any Eir 15 gold, because it requires one Jewel of Life reagent EVEN if they miss. In Myth stages, Eirs usually do not use Resurrection. In Cave of Chaos, one of Eir's primary roles is to use Resurrection to revive players that have lost all of their lives.

PvP UsageEdit

None. This skill is banned from PvP.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Reagent
Eir heal resurrection Resurrection 3.5 seconds 2.47 seconds 100 seconds Jewel of Life x 1
Resurrect a dead party member
Skill Level Level Required HP/MP Restored MP Consumed
1 40 10% 150
2 43 30% 162
3 46 50% 173
4 49 70% 185
5 52 90% 196

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