Ep5L Raid2

Research Lab Le Chattlie

Stage-Select Name: Research Lab Le Chattlie
Map Name: Le Chattlie Research Lab


  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Max Players: 8
  • Stage Requirement:
  • Plot Summary:



The Boss Features 2 Forms Form 1 Is a low like car:

  • AVOID TIP: When Transformed Into a Rusty Mini. Machine DO NOT PRESS A Or S To attack; IF so U Will explode losing a life
  • BOSS TIP: Staying Alive is up most important.When Losing a Life Chattlie Gains Health.

Form 2 Is Chattlie's true form:

  • Same TIPS: apply in this 2nd form as well
  • If Somone's Health is at 0 and Chattlie uses a reaction X slash lazer to the ground you will automatically be dead.
  • TIP: Keep moving at all times. Avoid losing health. Stay near Healers.



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