Map Recluse Forest

Recluse Forest

Stage-Select Name: Recluse Forest
Map Name: Recluse Forest


Giant Slime
Img SlimeBoss
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Ranged, Misc.
The Giant Slime boss of 1-3, the first boss of Lunia.
  • Map Name: Recluse Forest
  • Difficulty: 1/10
  • Level: 3 to 10 (speculation)
  • Party Requirement: Very Low
  • Max players: 4

Stage GuideEdit

Nothing particularly hard about this stage, the stage is a circular track basically make you way clockwise, killing gatherings of slime/wolves.

There are 3 NPCs on the map:

  • One at the Start Point.
  • One at the Northern Peak of the Map.
  • One Just before you reach the start point once you made your run.

Theres a Life Water Fountain in the middle of the map, after killing the Green Slime before the stones, walk along the right side of the start area you sure see a path hidden abit in the trees.

My Character is too high level for the map so I can't tell if it has a quest or not.

Boss: Giant SlimeEdit

Just as easy as the one in Stage 1-3

Boss dataEdit

Difficulty: * *
Melee Attacks: N/A
Ranged Attacks: Single Direction Slime Blast Multi Direction Slime Blast Solar Blast
Misc. Attacks: Giant Slime Spin Spawn


  • Follow Stage 1-3 boss guide. You'll do fine.


  • Heart Throbbing Box 1




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