Rebirth item Guideline for Rebirth Brave Warrior (free item)


Although it says Warrior, there are no class requirements.

  • Item Name: Guideline for Rebirth Brave Warrior
  • Rebirths Required: 0 only
  • Level Requirement: Lv1~99 (available for Lv50+ players)
  • Right click to use

Note: The free book for level 50+ was from an event. Free books are aquireable at level 70 from Lunia [method listed below]

Rebirth item Guideline for Rebirth Hero (cash item, Lv70~99) Note: there are 2 different versions of this book now. One of the books requires less than 7 rb to use, but you can rb again after 1 month. The other has no rb count limits but has a 2 month restriction.

Rebirth info

Please read the guidelines before you use the 'Rebirth' System.
1. You may rebirth once every two months.
2. If you rebirth all of your skills, abilities, skill points, stage licenses, and quests will be reset with the exception of your PVP level and specialty level.
3. The higher the level you are when you rebirth the more skill points you gain.
4. The more you rebirth the more powerful your character is.
5. Rebirth-ing gives you the right to access the Myth Stage Quests, and the Myth Stage Items.

Quoted and corrected (put into plain, understandable english) from the image.

After using Rebirth item:

  • Your PvE level will be reset to 1 level
  • Your PvP level will not be reset
  • All your quests will be reset
  • All your skills will be reset to 0 skill point
  • Your unlocked stages will be reset (only Stage 1-1 will be available)


  • You will be able to use 3 new skills (1 Rebirth required)
  • You will be able to unlock Myth episode (70 level and 1 Rebirth required)

Skill Points GainEdit

"Guideline" 3 states: 3. If you're born at high level, you can get more skill points..
The Skills gained are as follows:

Level Extra Skill Point
Under Level 70 0 Skill point
Level 70 ~ Level 79 2 Skill points
Level 80 ~ Level 89 3 Skill points
Level 90 ~ Level 98 4 Skill points
Level 99 5 Skill points


  • NPC: Carlos Pedral
  • Location: Square

List of quests:

Quest Yeti Rebirth

Or... get to level 70 and kill Lunia in episode 7-9, then talk to the Lunia npc in the campfire for a simple quest for a free rb book.

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