Identify the unidentified crystalsEdit

Identify the unidentified crystals

Unidentified CrystalsEdit

Unidentified Crystals 1-10 (11C-20C) -> Zircon (25S)
Unidentified Crystals 11-20 (21C-30C) -> Blue Sapphire (40S)
Unidentified Crystals 21-30 (31C-40C) -> Amber (55S) (previous name: Pumpkin)
Unidentified Crystals 31-40 (41C-50C) -> Ruby (70S)
Unidentified Crystals 41-50 (51C-60C) -> Blck Crystal (Black Crystal?) (85S)
Unidentified Crystals 51-60 (61C-70C) -> Sapphire (1G)
Unidentified Crystals 61-70 (71C-80C) -> ToddMarin (Tourmaline?) (1G'15S)
Unidentified Crystals 71-80 (81C-90C) -> Emerald (1G'30S)
Unidentified Crystals 81-90 (91C-1S) -> Diamond (1G'45S)

Rare CrystalEdit

  • max in 1 slot: 250
  • Sell Price = Price that shop will pay you for an item
New Name Material for Description  Sell Price 
Icon 22211367 Zircon for 5 craft books 2 * 1-3B (6.67%, 4.44% boss box): (30x -> helmet, sword) 5S
Icon 22211368 Blue Sapphire for 82 craft books (only 17 craft books per 1 character) 5S'70C
Icon 22211369 Amber for 7 craft books, 1-5B, 1-6B, 1-7B (2~3% boss box): (30x -> chest, leg support) 11S'20C
Icon 22211372 Ruby for 73 craft books (40x -> Permanently key to Upper Volcanic) 21S'50C
Icon 22211373 Black Crystal for 3 craft books - 36S'60C
Icon 22211374 Sapphire for 82 craft books - 56S'50C
Icon 22211375 ToddMarin for 4 craft books 2-6B (3.33% boss box) (30x->chest) 81S'20C
Icon 22211397 Emerald for 4 craft books 2-7B (3.33% boss box) (30x->sword) 1G'10S'70
Icon 22211398 Diamond for 1 quest (20x -> Title 100Def) 1G'45S

Non Rare CrystalsEdit

Icon Name Description  Sell Price 
Icon 22441350 Jewel of Life Reagent for Healer's skill, see locations of jewel N/A, 10C
Jewel 027 Magic Concentration Stone nothing (drops by harpies at ep3L) 5C

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