Ralph Schnell
Profile Ralph
Age: 20
Height:  ?
Class: Fighter
Currently released in GLunia


Background StoryEdit

Ralph doesn´t remember his past. The only thing he knows is that he spent his time as a child in an orphanage, where he presumably fought other children.

From this point his whole life was a big fight to reach his greatest dream of his own:

- To get his name on the Top of the best -

Class TypeEdit

A character made for Gamers who like "Hit & Run" tactics, quick reacting and a fuel of speedy dizziness...

He's good to hunt down targets in an awesome speed and supporting with migthy energyblasts.

Main Weapon: Blade

Class SummaryEdit

Specialized in: Hit & Run and supporting with rangeskills

Pros of Ralph:Edit
  • Awesome speed
  • Strong rangeskills
  • Many usefull selfbuffs
  • Very short skill cooldown
Cons of Ralph:Edit
  • Low HP
  • Low MP

'''Ralph was known as the lightning kick. Due to his unhumanly speed. '''

'''Ralph have a strong selfish charisma, so fights for glory to put his name on the top of the best fighters.'''


Ralph Skills are classified into 5 groups:

  • Storm: Mostly used for normal melee and have knockback or knockdown effects.
  • Wind: Are simmilar to -Siegs- Sword-Skills, wich are used to hit the target several times in a short period of time.
  • Hurricane: Is the summary of Ralphs range and area skills, like energy balls/blast.
  • Bless: Are the supportive and bless skills.
  • Ability: Grouping all passive skills.
Skill Summary03:44

Skill Summary


Cash Shop: 89G Coins

Quest: 1000G and Dark Shadow Eye(Given from Lynette in Square)


Lunia New Special Character Fighter 3D Ani01:00

Lunia New Special Character Fighter 3D Ani


  • A A A >> A S Repeat
  • Twice Spinkick : A A S S (repeat after 1st kick in 2nd S)
  • Fast lift Atack : >> A S
  • ''Flying Kick : >> S

Hints &TricksEdit

  • Press AS really fast while dashing''. So you sidestep
  • Press A Spacebar you attack then you sidestep but to the opposite direction

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