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Raging Storm is a skill available to players of the Archer class.

Video Edit

Arien - Raging Storm00:07

Arien - Raging Storm


Game Description: Shoots a rain of arrows which can defeat all enemies in front of you with the power of the Wind Spirit.

Actual Description: Fires a volley of bombs that explode and stun all (stunable) enemies caught in the explosions.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Number of hits: 19
  • Pros:
    • Multi-hit
    • Low MP cost
    • Stunning (good for myth)
    • Can cancel spell with a dash or other spell
    • Can knock enemies into the air, greatly increasing your air combo
  • Cons:
    • Slow cast rate
    • Easy to get canceled
    • Not very good against bosses

General InformationEdit

Raging Storm is great against large groups of enemies that are subject to being stunned. It is also very helpful in myth when you need to keep a group of enemies from attacking.

Stage UsageEdit

Use it against large mobs that can be stunned or knocked up into the air for massive air combos.

PvP UsageEdit

Use it against downed players or as a temporary barrier against melee fighters.

Player OpinionEdit

Raging Storm is a skill that you can live with or without, however it is worth putting at least one point into. Maxing it out is up to you. Recommended for stages to clear mobs.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range Shots
Raging storm Raging Storm 3.27 Sec 0.81 Sec 30 Sec 20 19
Shoots a rain of arrows which can defeat all enemies in front of you with the power of the Wind Spirit.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 58 92~103 129
2 60 95~106 133
3 62 98~110 138
4 64 103~115 143
5 68 110~123 154
6 72 117~131 163
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