Map Pumpkin Graveyard

Pumpkin Soul Graveyard (MYTH)

Stage-Select Name: Ep4 (History) -> Pumpkin GY -> Pumpkin Soul Graveyard (MYTH)
Map Name: Pumpkin Soul Graveyard (MYTH)


  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Max players: 8
  • Party Requirement: 4+
  • Time to Complete: ? min
  • Plot Summary:


I would suggest to get party of 4+ people,someone must attack and need someone to light all lamps not only on way to boss but also in boss room(when guilotione sets bomb).Except bomb and transforming skill guilotine doesnt have any attacks that may cause trouble.If u will light lamps in time he will be quite easy.


Guilotine(myth version of dumuk(history))

Monsters and DropsEdit

Lunia incarnation ring,earring,neck,ring of night spirit part 2.

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