Map Practice Field

Practice field

Stage-Select Name: Practice Field
Map Name: Practice field


  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Max players: 5
  • Time to Complete: N/A


A simple stage with a few scarecrows. At the top are 3 npcs. They all have quests where you can trade gold peices for potions. If you bump into one of the 3 NPCs, you'll get a window which tells you some basic combos.


Just as the name describes it, go here to practice combos on scarecrows, either show off to other or learn from them by joining into a public room or practice by yourself in a private room.

It actually is possible to kill the scarecrows, but they have an immense amount of hp, and they heal whenever they reset. That means that the only way to kill them is to air combo them virtually indefinitely. They may drop endurance books or straws.





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