Map Pirate King Roger Grave

Pirate King Roger's Grave

Stage-Select Name: Skull Rock -> Pirate King Roger's Grave
Map Name: Pirate King Roger's Grave


  • Difficulty: 5-7/10
    • Difficulty changes from every entrance to stage.
    • The amount of waves in a room varies between one and two.
      • The class you choose to enter also effects the difficulty
  • Time to Complete: 5-15 minutes
  • Max players: 4
  • Requirements:


  • You can choose to enter the grave with either a friend or yourself but it is highly recommended you enter youself since only one player can get the loot off the chest. There are three level with the fourth level being the final boss.
  • There is also 6 secrets, 2 on each row. In the secrets there is a chance to find nothing (incredibaly rare) 2 boxes (uncommon) and around 7-13 boxes (common). Some of these secret also activate a trap where 5-7 skeletons will spawn in the room, you must kill those skeletons before you can leave the secret area.


  • Lv35 Giant Mud Monster
  • Lv35 Skeleton Soldier (spear)
  • Lv35 Skeleton Soldier (axe thrower)
  • Lv35 Ghost pirate (sword)
  • Lv35 Ghost pirate (dagger thrower)
  • Lv35 Myna (rare)
  • Boss: Lv35 GhostPirate King Roger

Drops (items)Edit

  • Coins: 1S, 5S (most often), 10S, 20S, 50S, 1G
  • Rusty Coin - nothing
  • Skull Rock Treasure Map Piece - 50 x item = Great Box 7 = ~1.5G
  • Box Debri - for 1 craft book
  • Stone of Lava = 50S
  • The Eye of Ocean = 50S
  • Thunder Stone = 50S
  • Essence of Deadly Poison = 50S
  • One-Hundred-Year Cryolite = 50S
  • Light of Holy Spirit = 50S
  • Stone of West Wind = 50S
  • Cursed Stone = 50S
  • Dirt of Prosperity = 50S
  • Shining Powder - Alchemy item
  • Amber
  • Ruby
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Boss box: Pirate King Roger's Treasure Box

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