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== Cash Item Pets== Currently, there are cash item pets available in the cash shop. These pets are summoned automatically if you have one equipped, and will give a stat boost as well as a buff every so often when it is active with its fullness above 0%. The strength of the buff depends on the pet's fullness level, going from 0.1~25% for the lowest buff strength to 75%~100% for the highest (unsure what type of bless about 100% fullness gives). Pet fullness can be maintained by feeding the pet various items in-game. Max pet fullness by feeding items found in-game is 80%, while feeding items found in the cash item shop is the only way to get fullness above 80%. Fullness decreases only while the pet is summoned. Pet experience is gained while the pet is summoned, or by real-life time while it is registered with the pet trainer using a cash shop item. Rare pet % is the chance of the pet becoming a rare pet when it reaches level 60 (max pet level).

Due to translation errors or whatnot, there are inconsistancies between what the pet description says and what it actually does. What one pet might say is "chances for deadly physical/magical blows" when it increases the damage multiplier for deadly blows instead of the chance the hit will be a deadly blow. Another pet might say "chances for deadly magical blow +??%" and mean an increase in % chance the magic attack will be a critical instead of the amount of damage increased for the magic crit. In short, DO NOT completely trust in the pet item description in game, as they may not be accurate.

Pet List:Edit

Fox Pet: Passive- +9 Mp per second regen (Max). Bless- +31 Hp per second regen for 20 sec (Max).

Griffon Pet: Passive- All magic damage increase by ??%. Active/bless- Movement +40%(Max)

Husky Pet: Passive- Deadly magic blow chance +??%. Bless- Str +?? (Max).

Slime Pet: Passive- Deadly physical and magical blow rate (aka- critical damage) +38%(Max) . Active- All attack damage +??% increase for 30 sec.

Previously posted info: move/modify as neededEdit

"Pets" for everyoneEdit

  • Find summon-item in secret area (normal stages only, not raid stages)
  • Right mouse click on summon-item

  • Pets can't move execept Dacys' pets
  • Summon-item will disappear when you exit the stage
  • They may cause glitches or can exploit the weakness of an enemy by their long range attacks.

Summon ItemsEdit

Pet icon1 Split Tree Seeds (Episode 1)

Pet icon2 Summon Snowman Jewel (Episode 2)

Pet icon3 Angry Cactus Seeds (Episode 3)

Pet icon4 Cannon Tree Seeds (Episode 4)

Secret Ep5 Cannon Mini Frames (Episode 5)

Pet icon3 Angry Cactus Seeds (Episode 6)

Episode 1Edit

Pet ep1

Episode 2Edit

Pet ep2

Episode 3Edit

Pet ep3

Episode 4Edit

Pet ep4

Episode 5Edit

Pet ep5

Episode 6Edit

Pet ep3

Pets from questsEdit

SteamTank Legendary Mini Steam Tank (reward of quest at 5-3L)

Dacy's PetsEdit

Dacy's Doll SkillsEdit

Dacy DollSkill Domadal, 2 lvl+ Wair, 10 lvl+ Francoise, 20 lvl+ Veni, 30 lvl+ Catchvee, 40 lvl+ Pandano, 50 lvl+ Happy Dance, 60 lvl+

Reagents for Dacy's skillsEdit Spool, Accessory Shop's price: 20C Needle, Accessory Shop's price: 1S 50C




Dacy Doll 1


Dacy DollSkill 1

  • Order Doll to attack
  • Default key: [Insert]

Dacy DollSkill 2

  • Bring Doll close to player's character
  • Default key: [Home]

Dacy DollSkill 3

  • Order Doll to defend
  • Default key: [PageUp]

Dacy DollSkill 4

  • Restore Doll's HP
  • Default key: [Delete]

Dacy DollSkill 5

  • Make Doll disappeared
  • Default key: [End]


  • Change Doll's position
  • Default key: [PageDown]

Dacy DollSkill 1

Dacy DollSkill 1b

Dacy DollSkill 1c

Dacy DollSkill 1d

Pets at Cash ShopEdit

In the Korean Lunia Test version, pets that can be bought at cash shops have been released. There are 6 kinds of pets: 3 dogs and 3 rabbits. Dogs give a buff for strength and give you additional critical strike chances, while rabbits give intellect buffs as well as magic critical hit chances. They are still under development which means they could turn out differently in the end.

An update from Ijji made pets available in Global Lunia. For a limited time, you can purchase a permanent pet. Cat and Dog are available(Rabbit are limited items for christmas). Pets can gain experience as you feed it. It will show emoticons on how it feels. During your travels in Lunia, it will give you buffs like Strength for a set period normally 30 seconds. As your pet gains experience and, thus, levels it will, eventually, become a rare cat/pet. This will only be achieved thru constant feeding. Alternatively, you can purchase a training manual/book for your pet. Go to the pet trainer in the square and place the training manual in the slot provided and also you unsummoned pet on the box provided and click on train. It will take 24 hrs. for 1 manual to be consumed.

Pet window

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