Ogre Lord
Ogre Lord (Level 4) (Boss)
Type: Boss
Speed: Medium
Attacks: Melee

Monster InformationEdit

As a boss of stage 1-4 History and 1-5 History, the Ogre Lord is one of the strongest monsters you'll encounter in Episode 1. He has a variety of attacks that can decimate those with low defense such as Eir and Dainn. Fortunately, there are no ranged attacks to worry about and his movement is fairly slow.


Tactics Edit

  • Manipulating the Orge Lords attacks is very easy. You can get him to only do frontal swipe the whole fight if you want; simply attack him in one direction while conservatively backing up a bit and waiting for the start of another frontal swipe animation. Move to another side and repeat. Timing is the key, and you must watch his animation carefully, before the end of the recovery for Frontal Swipe you must have stopped attacking otherwise he'll do a quick bash.
  • If you have ranged attacks, you can lure him over to the huts. There you can hide behind them and just snipe him to death without worry of getting hit.


  • Unique Box 1 (1-4 History, 1-5 History)

Appears in Stages Edit

Stage 1-4 History, Stage 1-5 History, Stage 3-6 History ,Stage 3-10 History

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