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Increase Health
Deadly Magic Blow


Sends out 3 waves (At Skill Level 1-2) or 4 waves (At Level 3 or higher) of crescent moons in front of you. Homing.

General InformationEdit

This skill fires multiple (3 to 4) damaging crescent moons that targets toward the nearest mob or enemy. The shot will knockback enemies or mobs slightly each hit and each shot can hit up to two times on larger enemies or bosses. If used appropriately, it is possible to hit the enemy 10 times at once. Ideally, this skill has alot of potential and a low cooldown which makes it suitable for all builds. The damage is reduced if there are multiple targets or a scattered mobs.

Stage UsageEdit

0/1 or max depending if you use this as your primary skill or not.

PvP UsageEdit

Pvp should max, especially in duals. Enemies that take their time or do not run will get hit multiple times.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range Induction Rate
Moonlight Piece Moonlight Piece 1.83 second 0.37 second 10 seconds 105 10%
Sends out 3 waves (Skill Lv. 1-2) or 4 waves (Skill Lv. 3+) of crescent moons in front of you. Target locking.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 1 5 ~ 10 10
2 8 14 ~ 29 29
3 15 18 ~ 36 48
4 22 25 ~ 51 67
5 29 34 ~ 68 90
6 36 42 ~ 84 112
7 43 51 ~ 102 135
8 50 59 ~ 118 157
9 57 67 ~ 135 179
10 64 77 ~ 154 205

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