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Create a fog covering a large area ahead of you to inflict repeated damage on the opponents.

General InformationEdit

Creates a blue large damaging mist in front of you which damages all enemies that are within the vicinity of the fog and also slows them. Decent range with a decent area affected and long cooldown.

It does around 450 damage at rank 1, so it's a good way for support healers to help kill things without costing too much SP or risking interrupting combos.

Stage UsageEdit

Moderately damaging with 1 SP. Maximum speed loss at 5SP and 9SP for high damage (8SP -> 9SP is 138~154 x 4 to 286~318 x 4 damage.

PvP UsageEdit

5 for maximum slow or 1 for basic damage.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range Curse Curse Duration
Moon Fog Moon Fog 1.83 seconds 1.2 second 60 seconds 50 Slow down 15 seconds
Create a fog covering a large area ahead of you to inflict repeated damage on the opponents.
Skill Level Level Required Damage Reduce Speed by MP Consumed
1 50 106 ~ 118 16% 223
2 52 110 ~ 123 19% 231
3 54 115 ~ 128 22% 240
4 56 118 ~ 132 25% 249
5 58 124 ~ 138 25% 257
6 60 127 ~ 142 25% 265
7 62 133 ~ 148 25% 273
8 64 138 ~ 154 25% 281

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