Post Box



  • Message: 1 S
  • Message + item: 11S (1S + 10S)
  • Message + money: 1S + 5% of money
  • Message/item/money with stamp (cash item): no cost


  • Betwen characters of 1 account: 1 sec
  • Betwen characters of 2 other accounts: 1 hour
  • Betwen characters of 2 other accounts with stamp (cash item): 1 sec


  • message from other player: white
  • message from other player with stamp (cash item): violet
  • returned (not readed) message after 14 days: green

Post Box (main window)Edit

Post Box - Main


Send messageEdit

Post Box - Send message

  • Cost: 1S

Send itemEdit

Post Box - Send item

  • Cost: 1S + 10S

Send moneyEdit

Post Box - Send money

  • Cost: 1S + 5% of sended money (1C per every 20C)


Post Box - Receive item

If you are sending a message to yourself from one character to another character on the same account the message will be delievered instantly. Sending a message from one character to another on a different accoutn can take anywhere from ten minutes or longer.

You can purchase a Mail Stamp from the Cash Shop or from you Guild Shop if they have it and attach it to one of your messages. With the Stamp the message will be delievered instanly to whoever you are sending it to.

  • Without a stamp you can send one item and up to ten gold to any person
  • With a stamp you can send up to five items and up to four hundred thousand gold.

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