Magic Scrolls are the items with given stats such as Vit+210, Dex+210, and Int+210. There are several grades of Magic Scrolls and different set of Magic Scrolls for different parts of Fashionable CS items.

How to get Magic ScrollsEdit

- You can purchase directly from Cash Shop. Lowest grade Magic Scrolls are available at Cash Shop.
- You can earn as you hunt down monsters. You will earn Magic Scroll Box and when you open the box, you will be able to earn different graded Magic Scrolls in randomly fashion. In order to open the box, you need to have a key, "Lunia Kingdom's Strange Magic Key"

Lunia Scroll CashShop

Kinds of Magic ScrollsEdit

- There will be Magic Scrolls for episode stages and Myth/Devildom stages seperate. "Normal" is for episode stages, EP1 ~ EP7. "Myth/Devildom" is for myth and devildom stages. Usually "Normal" scrolls will have lower stats.
- Prefix with "Knight's" is a scroll for CS parts, Hand / Foot / Support / Face / Back / Lower / Etc.1 / Etc.2
- Prefix with "Wizard's" is a scroll for CS parts, Weapon / Head / Chest / Leg / Modifier Title / Regular Title

Knight and Wizard's Scroll

Composition SistemEdit

- You can upgrade low graded Magic Scrolls to higher graded scrolls by combining 2 low grade magic scrolls.

- Grade of magic scrolls in return can be differed. (One magic scroll used for composition system will be vanished.)

- Player can use 2 different types of magic scroll with composition system. Based on items used for composition, player might get various magic scroll with chance. Estimated result can be viewed. As you try to upgrade higher graded magic scrolls, your chance of getting higher graded scrolls will be lower.

How to use Composition SistemEdit

How to use Scrolls 1 How to use Scrolls 2 How to use Scrolls 3

How to use Magic Scroll onto Fashionable Cash ItemEdit

- Do right mouse click onto Magic Scroll.
- Select Fashionable Cash Item you want and do right mouse click onto.
- Given stats of Magic Scroll will be applied onto selected CS item.

How to use Scrolls 1 How to use Scrolls 2

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