Profile Lime
Age: 2
Height: 72cm
Class: Combat Slime
Lime must be unlocked to become playable.
Released on all Lunia versions.


A lime shapeshifter; Eir befriends this Slime on their adventures in Episode 4-8. This character requires special conditions in the game account to be satisfied before a player is allowed to play as him. Lime is currently available in all versions of Lunia.

Background StoryEdit

Official info:
"One day Sieg and his friends saved a Slime that was dying of poison. Eir, who loves Slimes, named the Slime 'Lime' and raised it like a pet. Following Eir everywhere she went, Lime eventually joined the Siegs for an adventure. The true power of this slow, weak Slime comes from various transformations and its ability to generate different potions; this character is very helpful especially for party playing."

Class TypeEdit

Lime's play requires a player to be familiar with his various forms. Unfortunately Lime is also very slow at almost everything he does. However he does have a skill which increases his speed, but only for a limited time.

Main Weapon: Slime

Class Summary Edit

Specialized in: Heavy Damage Dealer, Wiping out battlefields with ease

Pros of Lime:

  • Superior speed with speed buff, otherwise extremely slow
  • Deal Exceptional Damage compared to other classes
  • Transformation
  • Summon Minions

Cons of Lime:

  • Low Area Of Effect
  • Not many effective skills avaliable


Lime Skills
Attack Wiggly Jelly
Sticky Jelly
Rolling Rolling Thud
Shiny Shung
Pyororok TongTong

Transform Bumba Lime
Biki Lime
Shuk Shuk Lime
Cool Wabang Lime
Pang Pang Lime
Cool Pang Pang Lime

Eruption Attack Lime Shung
Stunned Lime Shung
Slow Lime Shung
Freezing Lime Shung
Poison Lime Shung
Pang Lime Shung

Bless Mana Potion
Dexterity Potion
Defense Potion
Intelligence Potion
Rejuvenation Potion

Ability Mana Recovery (Lime)
Mana Increase (Lime)
Deadly Blow (Lime)
HP Regeneration
Increase Health (Lime)


Method #1 (free)Edit

To unlock Combat Slime (Lime): One must get to stage 4-8 in the History chapter. To finish the quest to unlock him you need to bring 50 x Deadly Poisonous Jelly Jelly to him. When you start the stage, you go past the first area with monsters, and in the second one you see, on your map, a little line that goes down to the southeast. That is where you will find Lime. First you must kill the monsters around him to save him; then give him the 50 x Deadly Poisonous Jelly Jelly. After that you can go to the character creation screen and he will be available.

Deadly Poisonous Jelly Jelly:

Method #2 (Cash Shop)Edit

Or alternatively you can buy Lime at's cash shop.

After that :

  • Go into the game with one of your characters and press I to open your inventory.
  • Now click on the cash item inventory and put the card into your item bag. Now simply right click the card to activate it.
  • After that's done you can go to the character screen and make a Lime.


Normal Mode Combos (unofficial)Edit

  • A - A - A - A - >> - Kungkungi - Pyrorok Tongtong - < Wiggling Jelly - < Rolling Rolling Thud
  • A - A - A - A - >> - Kungkungi - Rolling Rolling Thud
  • Space A - A
  • A - A - A - A Space A
  • A - A - A - A Space A - A - A - A
  • SP A - A - A - A Space A - A - A - A - SP A - A - A - A

>> = Roll towards opponenent
< = Turn back towards opponent

Transformation Mode Combos (unofficial)Edit

Shuk Shuk Lime Transformation:

  • Hold > and press A and S repeatedly

> = Hold directional button towards opponent

Pang Pang Lime Transformation:

  • (Wall Combo) A (repeated)
  • A > A > A > A
  • A S
  • A S Spacebar

Cool Wabang Lime:

  • A Spacebar (if enemy still in air again Spacebar)

Basic Movement (official)Edit

Combos help Combat Slime

Combos without skills (official)Edit

Combos Sq Combat Slime

Combos from Practice Field (official)Edit

Combos Training Combat Slime

External LinksEdit

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