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Healer Skills
Heal Heal
Light of Healing
Bead of Healing
Sunlight of Healing
Prayer of Healing
Emergency Heal

Moon Moonlight Piece
Full Moon Bullet
Moon Barrier
Moonlight Chain
Moon Bind
Moon Fog
Judgment of God

Sacred Price of Sacrifice
Holy Shout
Light of Purification
Tears of Goddess
Holy Spirit
Sacred Wave

Bless Blessed Defense
Blessed Bravery
Life Extension
Light Shield

Ability Mana Recovery
Mind Concentration
Mana Increase
Increase Health
Deadly Magic Blow


  • Game Description: Duration 1 sec/2 sec/3 sec Healing Ability x per cast Total HP Healed y / Heal all the party members near you.
  • Actual Description: Eir spins three times, healing everyone in a small circle around her, including herself.

General InformationEdit

  • Light of Healing can be canceled at any time after the first heal by dashing.
  • It can also be canceled at any time, including before the healing starts, by using another skill.
  • Its mana efficiency steadily increases as you level it up, ending at approximately 2.5 healing per mana per person.

Stage UsageEdit

This is one of Eir's main healing skills for stages, due to its short cooldown, ability to heal multiple people, and fast healing. Generally, you should try to cast it slightly behind the rest of your party to minimize your risk of being interrupted, or in a spot where it can heal someone throughout their combo. The healing vicinity is limited, however there are three waves of healing and it is also cancellable right after the first wave. Very effective for all builds, it should be maxed.

PvP UsageEdit

Because this skill takes a long time to finish, it is often not practical to complete it. If you only have time to cast one of its heals, you're probably better off using Sunlight of Healing. However, you can use skills like Moonlight Piece, Moon Barrier, or Holy Spirit to create time to cast two or three of the heals, which can quickly turn a match in your favor.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Eir heal light Light of Healing 4.33 seconds 1 second 12 seconds 30
For up to 3 seconds, after the 1.33 seconds of animation, heals X amount of HP per second party members around you, including yourself.
Example: At level 1 - Heal for a total of 66 HP (22 HP per second for 3 seconds = 22 * 3 = 66).
Skill Level Level Required HP Healed MP Consumed
1 2 22 42
2 9 55 78
3 16 88 117
4 23 125 161
5 30 163 207
6 37 202 251
7 44 242 295
8 51 281 341
9 58 321 387
10 65 365 433

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