Wizard Skills
Ice Ice Arrow
Icicle rain
Cold Blue Dragon
Ice Pillar
Ice Barrier
Bitter Cold Breath

Fire Fire Bomb
Fire Orb
Ocean Of Fire
Fire Dragon's Heart
Rain Of Fire
Red Fire Dragon
Death Dragon's Breath

Earth Fury Of Land
Hand Of Earth
Summon Rock
Land Giant's Fist
Pillar Of Abyss
Summon Meteors

Bless Mana Increase
Fire Resistance
Cold Resistance
Land Resistance

Ability Mana Recovery
Mana Increase
Deadly Magic Blow
Increase Health

Description Edit

Game Description: Cast a spell that increases your and other party members' Land resistance for a duration.
Actual Description: Reduce earth type damage for a time.

General Information Edit

  • Small AoE effect reaching party members
  • Requires regeants

Stage Usage Edit

It is hardly ever used in stage due to small number of monsters that do land type damage. Also, it is considered a waste to put skill points into it because there are equipments that can do the same job. In addition to this, Land resistance only blocks one of the many elements and does not protect from all Land damage either.

PvP Usage Edit

Never used due to how few player skills are Land based. Also considered a waste of points.

Land Skills Edit

Skill Table Edit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Shots Range Spell Duration
Dainn bless LandResistance Land Resistance 2.33 second 0.5 second 180 seconds 1 50 60 seconds
Cast a spell that increases your and other party members' Land resistance for a duration.
Skill Level Level Required Land Resistance Mp Consumed Reagent Needed
1 25 100 51 Arrowroot(1)
2 34 150 90 Arrowroot(1)
3 39 200 205 Arrowroot(1)
4 44 250 349 Arrowroot(1) and Red Spider Rope(1)
5 49 300 528 Arrowroot(1), Red Spider Rope(1) and Black Pearl(1)

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